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Stuff you’ll need: Glue, toothpicks, uncooked
alphabet macaroni, markers and bar pins (safety pins with

Tell kids to:
*Glue together five toothpicks-side by side.
*While the glue dries, use alphabet macaroni to spell your name.
Color the macaroni using a marker.
*Glue your name to the toothpicks.
*Glue the back of a bar pin to the back of the toothpicks.

Talk teasers: In Matthew 16:17-18, Jesus changes Simon’s name
to Peter. Peter’s new name means “rock.” How many of you know what
your name means? (Allow kids to tell. If you have a names book,
tell the meaning of other children’s names.) Just as Jesus helped
Peter be a “strong rock” for the church, God helps the meaning of
your name be true also.

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Nancy Lettardy
Roanoke, Virginia

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