Lucky Charms



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Matthew 5:3-11

What you’ll need:
4 white cone-type coffee filters per child
blue and yellow washable markers
spray bottle with water
newspaper or a tarp
11×17 construction paper
cooling racks
glue sticks
black markers

The experience
Say: When we think about St. Patrick’s Day, we
think about good luck. 
Ask: What trinkets or items do people sometimes
believe can bring good luck? 
Say: One symbol of luck associated with St.
Patrick’s Day is a four-leaf clover. Let’s make some four-leaf
clovers as we learn about luck.

Have kids each color four coffee filters with blue and yellow
washable markers, using more yellow than blue. Place the filters on
newspaper or tarp, and spray them with water. The colors will blend
together. Then place the filters on a cooling rack to

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Form eight groups if possible, but keep at least two kids per
group. If you can’t make either groups, then assign group
additional verses. Have groups each look up one verse of Matthew
5:3-11. Have groups read aloud their verses in order so everyone
can hear all verses.

Ask: Explain whether the situation in your
verse sounds lucky.

  • What’s the difference between blessed and lucky? 

Say: Let’s finish our four-leaf clovers. But
rather than use them as a sign of good luck, let’s use them to
thank God for his blessings.

Have kids glue the filters onto the construction paper in the
shape of a four-leaf clover and use markers to draw a stem. Then
have kids use the black markers to write one blessing on each
coffee filter. 

Say: The Bible doesn’t have a lot ot say about
being lucky. But it has a lot to say about being blessed. This St.
Patrick’s Day, when you see something that points to good luck,
remember that with God, we don’t need luck. He loves us and gives
us blessings every day — we just have to pay attention to see




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