14 Ways to Affirm Volunteers on the Cheap


Here are 14 ways to affirm volunteers on the cheap to do it with style–and without busting your budget!

Budgets may be tight, and funding may be trimmed. But there’s one thing you can’t afford to cut back on–and that’s appreciation for the volunteers who make your ministry possible. Finding great gifts that affirm and delight volunteers is always a challenge, but when you’re on a squeaky-tight budget, it can be downright discouraging. So Children’s Ministry Magazine decided to find fantastic ways to affirm volunteers–that don’t break the bank. We went on a special quest to find budget-friendly, unique affirmation gifts and then create ways to say a very special “Thanks!”

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We found each of the featured items widely available in stores, and we’ve included a downloadable, custom thank you tag with each idea to give it special meaning. Simply browse the ideas, purchase the items at the store or online, and download and customize our specialized “thank you tags” . Then get busy affirming your vital volunteers!

1. THE MISSING PIECE: Wood Magic Cube Puzzle

Drive home the key role your volunteers play by giving them a fun puzzle as a reminder that they make the picture complete.
Where? Wal-Mart and The Dollar Store, toy section
What to say? Thanks for being the missing piece that completes our ministry to children!

2. BIG IMPACT: Giant Stampers and Stamp Pad

These desktop-worthy oversized stampers are guaranteed to bring a smile to your volunteers’ faces. Choose from various faith-based messages and images, add a stamp pad, and you have a gift that’ll be a faithful reminder of your ministry.
Where? The Dollar Store, teacher supply section
What to say? Thanks for making God’s imprint on your kids!

3. SWEET SAVINGS: Tootsie Rolls Reusable Bank

Give your volunteers these cute re-usable banks as a nod to the eternal investments they’re making.
Where? Walgreens, Wal-Mart, and The Dollar Store, candy section
What to say? Thank you for the eternal investments you’re making in kids’ lives!

4. HAVING A BALL: Soccer Hacky Sacks

These nifty hacky sacks appeal to male and female volunteers-and encourage the fun they bring into children’s lives.
Where? Wal-Mart, party favors section
What to say? Thanks for making every week a score for God!

5. THE KEY INGREDIENT: Puzzle Erasers

These super-cute and eye-catching puzzles will make your volunteers smile.
Where? Wal-Mart, toy section
What to say? Thanks for helping make our ministry to kids scrumptious!

6. KIDS AT HEART: Flarp Noisy Putty

This ooey-gooey gloppy goo is tactile and fun-and the fact that it makes unbelievably loud-ahem-noises when you squish it in the tub only adds to its hilarious appeal. Consider giving it to your team and then having a loudest Flarp contest as a completely irreverent way to remind them how fun it is to be a kid.
Where? Wal-Mart and The Dollar Store, toy section
What to say? Thanks for being a crazy, kid-loving part of our team!
7. WHEELS ON MINISTRY: Hot Wheels Assorted Toy Cars

Choose a car to match each personality in your ministry-or the dream car you’d give each of your volunteers if you were made of money.thank
Where? Wal-Mart, toy section
What to say? Thanks for putting the wheels on our ministry!

8. THIS LITTLE LIGHT: Small Flashlight

It’s the perfect (and practical) way to say thanks to people–especially men–shining their light in your ministry.
Where? Wal-Mart, Home Depot, and The Dollar Store, camping or outdoor section
What to say? Thanks for your dedication to making our ministry a bright spot!

14 Ways to Affirm Volunteers on the Cheap
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