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Loaves And Fishes

Children's Ministry Magazine

Learning of God's provision through a tasty Bible activity and treat.

Theme: God's provision
Text: Matthew 14:14-19
Preparation: Bring a basket with whole graham crackers covered by a napkin and one whole graham cracker on top of the napkin.

The Message: Let's share this graham cracker while I tell you a story from the Bible about a boy who shared his lunch with a great crowd of people. (Paraphrase the Bible story as children share the graham cracker.)

How did it feel to share the graham cracker with each other? How do you think the boy felt who shared his lunch with the crowd of people? How did Jesus multiply the boy's lunch to feed everyone?

Hey! Look at all these other graham crackers! (Lift the napkin and show kids the other graham crackers.) Let's share these graham crackers with others.

Let's pray. Father, thank you for giving us food and everything we need. Amen.

Go back to your seat and share your graham cracker with the people around you. (Give each child a graham cracker.)

Kacy Carla
Sarasota, Florida

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