Living Valentines



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A sweet Valentine’s day object lesson that will show
children the depth of God’s love.

Theme: Valentine’s Day

Text: 1 John 3:18 Best for: Grades K-2

Preparation: You’ll need heart-shaped

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The Message:

What special things do you do to celebrate Valentine’s Day?
(Give each child a candy.) Turn to a partner and tell that person
the message on your candy. It’s great to give each other special
messages, but the Bible talks about another way we can show love to
each other. (Read the Scripture.) What does this verse say to do to
show our love? How can we show love with our actions? Who could you
show love to this week? Let’s practice loving actions right now.
Here are two heart-shaped candies for each of you. (Pass out the
candies.) Give one of your candies to someone else, then give that
person a hug and say, “Jesus loves you.” Keep your other candy to
remind you to show love to people this week. (Close in prayer.)



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