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Living Memorial (New Year Activity)

Your kids will enjoy creating this reminder of the past year. You'll need a large cardboard tube-similar to the ones inside large rolls of paper or plastic. (Check with your newspaper office.) You'll also need tape, magazines, scissors, paper, markers, an instant-print camera loaded with film, pipe cleaners, and anything else you want to use for this living sculpture.

Lay out all your supplies and tell children to work together to create a living memorial of the past year by taping images to the cardboard tube. Encourage kids to recall faith-related experiences, such as answered prayers, lessons learned, close encounters with Jesus, or fun times with Christian friends.

Help kids remember all the wonderful experiences they've had together at church or church events. If kids recall a funny experience, have them re-enact it and take an instant-print photo of them to add to the memorial. Kids can cut out words or images from magazines to attach to the paper tube. They can sculpt images from the pipe cleaners, or they can draw pictures or write words on paper to recall events in the past year.

Keep your living memorial in your classroom as a reminder of God's faithfulness and presence in kids' lives.

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