Listen Carefully

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Try this creative activity to illustrate listening
to God.

Blindfold one person and have him or her face the group while
standing about 20 feet away. Have a leader point to one of the
other children. The child who’s chosen attempts to move slowly and
quietly toward the blindfolded person. The blindfolded player
listens carefully for the approaching player and tries to point
toward the location of the approaching player. The approaching
player freezes once he or she has been located, and then another
player is picked to move. The object is to get the kids close
enough to the blindfolded player to tag him or her. Once the
blindfolded person is tagged, blindfold another child.

Afterward ask, “How easy or difficult was it to hear the
approaching players? How is that similar to or different from
listening to God?”

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Glynis Belec
Drayton, Ontario


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