Easter Devotion for Children: Light From the Broken Pieces

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Easter Devotion for Children: Light From the Broken Pieces is a great children’s message to help children understand what Jesus did for them on Easter.

Theme: Christ’s Exaltation as King

Text: John 1:4

Preparation: For each child, you’ll need a 1-inch piece of cardboard tube (from a paper towel roll), spray-painted gold; scissors; several sequins or small plastic jewels; glue; one-half of a clean shell from an extra-large egg; and a votive candle. You’ll also need an uncracked egg, one-half of a clean shell from an extra-large egg, a bowl, a completed crown (see directions below), a votive candle, a match, and a Bible.

The Message: Jesus left his home in heaven where he was a king. (Show the crown.) He came to earth as a fragile human being, just like you and me. (Show the egg.) When people decided they didn’t want this man to be their king, they hung him on a cross, and his body was broken. (Break the egg into the bowl.) Jesus’ life was poured out, much like this egg is being poured out. What do we usually do with broken eggshells?

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People planned to toss away Jesus too, but God had another plan. God took Jesus’ broken body, and gave him back his heavenly crown. (Set the clean eggshell half in the crown. Read the Scripture.) God raised Jesus from the dead and made him the light of the world. (Place the votive candle in the eggshell and light it.)

God replaced Jesus’ broken, empty shell with life and gave him power and authority. God wants us to share the light of Jesus with others. We’re going to make these candle holders to remind us of what God did with Jesus’ broken body to give us new life.

(Give each child a section of the cardboard tube painted gold. Have them each cut notches on one edge of the roll to create a crown. Have them glue on the decorations. Give the kids each an eggshell and a votive candle to put inside of the crown.)

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