Life Cycle of a Vision


Have you ever noticed that your vision or dream goes through phases? For example, I'm close to wrapping up the myriad of freelance writing pieces for Celebration Station–the kids' companion to Celebrate Recovery.

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At first, I entered it with a little fear and trepidation in terms of understanding the amount of time it would take. But after counting that cost, I truly felt like God was calling me to do this. I had a vision for what I'd experienced as a child benefitting children in some way in churches and children's ministry programs around the world. I believed in what John Baker has and is doing with Celebrate Recovery. I wanted to be part of the great vision!

Enter…reality…a few months later. I'm perplexed about how to get started. I've had several false starts, but I'm starting to see this gel. I'm still excited. I'm loving how the dramas turned out. I'm jazzed about the discoveries kids are going to make in experiences I've created and/or adapted…and the relationships they'll gain in Celebration Station small groups. (We've even agreed on the name finally!) John and his team are liking what they see. This is a win!

A few months later…I'm tired of freelancing. I want my life back. I need balance. I'm in the whiney phase. Not a pretty place. This is where I start to focus on "well at least I'm getting paid." Some would call this the "death of a vision" phase.

And then the rebirth. I'm here now. Not sure if it's because of anything spiritual or just because I'm almost done (7 more lessons!). But I'm hearing from the production team that the video dramas are amazing! Our team is loving how the program is coming together. It's still going to be a lot of work for our team, but I truly believe kids' lives are going to be changed at Celebration Station. They'll find the encouragement, safety, support, and love they need while their family experiences recovery for hurts, habits, and hangups. I'm grateful to have been involved.

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So, that to me is the life cycle of a vision: excitement/a sense of God's call; perplexity/creativity; fatigue/loss of vision; rebirth/renewed sense of call.


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