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Use the following quick devotion for the party’s message.

• Theme: Jesus Changes Us
• Text: 2 Corinthians 5:17
• Preparation: You’ll need the book Life Cycle of a Frog by Angela
Royston (Heinemann Library) or any age-appropriate book that
explains the life cycle of a frog. You’ll also need a sheet of
poster board with the F.R.O.G acronym written on one side, and the
words “Fully Rely On God” written on the other side.

• Message: (Read the book to the children.) What are things a frog
can do that a tadpole can’t? Just as a tadpole needs to change,
people need to change too, but we need to change in our hearts.
(Read the Scripture.) This Bible verse says that Jesus changes us.
How does Jesus change us?

Maybe some of you have seen this on T-shirts and bracelets (Hold
up the F.R.O.G acronym side of the poster.) This says “frog,” but
Christians are also using it as a reminder to fully rely on God.
(Turn the sign around) What does it mean to rely on someone? Can
you tell me about a time when you’ve relied on God for something?
Can you think of anyone who has relied on God and what they relied
on him for? (Close in prayer, thanking God that we can trust him
and fully rely on him to help us.)

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• Invitations-Use clip art to add a frog to the cover of the
invitation. Add these words, “Hop over to our church for a really
hoppy time!” Put the pertinent party details on the inside.

• Decorations-Use blue and green streamers for the frog and water
theme. If any volunteer has a pet frog in an aquarium, bring this
in for children to look at. Use circles of green paper or cardboard
on the floor as lily pads, where the children can sit during the
devotion. Fill a kiddie pool with water, and float toy frogs in it.
At the end of the party, each child can choose a toy frog as a
party favor. You can also play a CD of swamp sounds, for example,
Sounds of Nature: Southern Swamp by Suzanne Doucet (Tring

• Favors-Give your children wind-up frogs (90 cents each) vinyl
pen frogs (50 cents each) or frog whistle necklaces (30 cents each)
from Oriental Trading; call 800-875-8480 or log onto www
.orientaltrading.com. Go to www.themustard seed.com to find
F.R.O.G. bracelets (20 cents each).


For a great children’s activity, we hold an annual Banana Party
for children in grades three through five. This is a bridge-builder
event to encourage children to invite their friends who don’t come
to church. To attend the party, children must

• bring a friend,
• wear something yellow, and
• bring bananas for themselves and their friends. (At the end of
the party, use the bananas to make banana splits.)

When children arrive at the party, give them banana name tags with
their names beginning with a “B.” For example “Kelly” becomes
“Belly.” Have kids use their new names the entire evening.
Host a number of banana-themed games, such as:

• Banana Drawing Contest-Blindfold children and have them try to
draw a realistic banana.
• Pin the “Chiquita” on the Banana-Make a large banana out of
yellow wrapping paper and cover it with Con-Tact paper. Then tape
the banana to a wall. One at a time, blindfold and give each child
a sticker, then gently spin the child a couple of times before he
or she tries to place the sticker on the banana.
• Banana Pudding-Assign children an ingredient found in banana
pudding, such as vanilla wafers, bananas, pudding mix, milk, or
whipped cream. Select three children per ingredient.

Children sit in a circle with one child in the middle. When the
child in the middle calls an ingredient, all children who are
assigned that ingredient must jump up and find a new place to sit.
At the same time, the child in the middle must try to get one of
the other children’s places when he or she jumps up to find a new

Sharon Daniels
Crossville, Tennessee


Try these fun ways to monkey around with your banana party

• Invitations-Using clip art, make invitations with a monkey
holding a banana on the cover. Add the words, “Bananas we eat,
bananas we run, bananas be sweet, so let’s have some fun!” Inside
list all the pertinent details about your banana-rific party.

• Decorations-Use a jungle theme. Buy fake greenery or vines and
string them in swags around the room. Display pictures,
posters, or stuffed toys of monkeys or tropical birds.

• Favors-Give children yellow bags filled with banana flavored
taffy. You can also include a mini sock monkey key chain ($1 each),
or, for children ages 3 and up, a 2-inch plastic monkey game key
chain (60 cents each) from Oriental Trading; call 800-875-8480 or
log onto www.orientaltrading.com.


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