Let It Snow



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Glittery Snow People

Age Level: Preschool to kindergarten

Materials: White clay or homemade craft dough, silver or white
glitter, and paper plates

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While children each form a snowperson out of clay or dough, talk
about the beauty of winter. Encourage the children to pray
with you and thank God for loving people in all the seasons. Help
the children roll their snow people in silver or white glitter
scattered on a paper plate.

Snow People

Age Level: All ages

Materials: Newsprint, scissors, pencils, markers, and poster

Have each child lie down on a length of newsprint. Kids can help
one another trace their shapes. Help younger children cut out their

Have the children use markers to make their facial features, hair,
and clothing. Write across the chest of each child’s shape: “Wash
me and I will be whiter than snow- Psalm 51:7.” Fasten the snow
people to a hallway with poster putty.

Friendship Snowflakes

Age Level: Elementary ages

Materials: White paper, scissors, and tape

Have each child fold an 8½×11-inch sheet of white paper into
quarters-and once or twice again. Show the children how to cut
shapes from the folds in the paper. Have children unfold their
paper to reveal a snowflake pattern. Next, have children cut apart
their snowflakes on the quarter-fold lines.

Each child will keep one quarter of their snowflake and exchange
the other three parts with friends in the class. Help the children
tape their four pieces of snowflake together to form unique
snowflakes. Tell the children their friendship snowflakes will
remind them that they have friends in Christ who’ll help them when
they need a friend.

Handprint Snowflakes

Age Level: Elementary ages

Materials: White paper, scissors, and pencils

Celebrate kids’ unique individuality with this fun
craft. Have the children trace their handprints onto white
paper. Then have children cut out and fold their hands two or
three times while cutting a few shapes from each fold. When the
children unfold their handprints, they’ll see a unique snowflake

Discuss how different and how beautiful each child’s snowflake
turned out. Stress that God has made each of us unique,
special, and beautiful.

Snow Globes

Age Level: Preschool to kindergarten

Materials: An empty, clean plastic peanut butter jar with a lid
for each child; plain paper cut into 1×6-inch strips; scissors;
pencils; glue; plastic confetti in winter shapes; and water

Write on a 1×6-inch strip of paper, “Thank you, God, for winter!”
Have children each glue a strip to the bottom of their jar. Then
have children place plastic confetti inside the jars. The confetti
comes in shapes such as snowflakes, snowmen, and smiley faces (at
your local craft store or at www.orientaltrading.com). Add water to
within an inch of the top of the jars and close the lids

Show children how to shake their snow globes to watch the confetti
shapes move.


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