Let It Snow



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Popcorn Snowmen

Ingredients: Six cups popped popcorn, a large package of
marshmallows, a half cup of margarine, candy decorations, and
plastic sandwich bags

On low heat or in a microwave oven, melt a large package of
marshmallows and a half cup of margarine. Stir well, then add
six cups of popped popcorn. Mix well. You may add more popcorn
to make the mixture less sticky, but make sure the popcorn sticks
together well enough for children to mold.

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Let the mixture cool to room temperature. Give each child plastic
sandwich bags to use as gloves and a mound of the mixture to form
into a snowman. Children can add candy features with M&M’s
candies, gumdrops, licorice whips, and pretzel sticks for the face,
buttons, and arms. Provide plastic sandwich bags if children will
be taking their snowmen home.

Snowball Treats

Ingredients: Peanut butter, powdered sugar, and coconut

allergy alert: This treat contains peanut products-be sure to
check for allergies before allowing kids to create or consume this

Mix equal amounts of peanut butter and powdered sugar. Add
more powdered sugar if needed to make the dough less sticky. Have
the children roll the dough into balls, then roll in coconut flakes
to make snowball treats. 

Snow Angels

Ingredients: Gelatin set inside cookie sheets, gingerbread
people-shaped cookie cutters, whipped topping, paper plates, and

Have children use spoons to spread whipped topping on a paper
plate. Then help children cut out one or two gingerbread shapes
from the gelatin. After children place their gingerbread shapes in
the whipped topping “snow,” have them use their fingers to make
angel wing prints in the snow.

As the children eat their snow angel treats, encourage them to
thank God for all the seasons.


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