Lesson: Cain and Abel Grades 5 and 6


Create an altar by draping a bedsheet or blanket over a table.
Lay real or artificial fruits and vegetables on the altar. Also lay
a stuffed sheep or a picture of a sheep on the altar. Place a
candle on each side of the altar. With the older kids, you may want
to light the candles.

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*Bible Activity: What’s God Want?-From magazines, have
children cut out pictures of things they value. Then have kids lay
their pictures on the altar you made or a table.

Read aloud Genesis 4:1-16.

*Ask: Why was Abel’s sacrifice better than Cain’s? Does
God want our sacrifices? Why or why not?

Read aloud Hosea 6:6. Emphasize that Cain’s problem was
not his sacrifice, but his attitude. *Ask: What can your attitude
of giving be this week?

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*Craft: “Altared”-Give children each a rock, a square
piece of cardboard, twigs and glue. Have kids each create an altar
by gluing the cardboard onto the rock and the twigs to the other
side of the cardboard. When kids are finished, discuss ways they
can give their best this week with the proper attitude.

You’ll need: Broken heart-shape sugar cookies, icing and blunt

Directions: *Say: When we quarrel with family members, it
feels like our hearts are breaking. But we can mend broken hearts
with the “icing” of love and kind words.

Have children mend their cookies with frosting and eat them.

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