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Leaf Wreath For Toddlers

Sondra Saunders

Cut out leaf and acorn shapes, using fall colors such as orange, brown, yellow, and red. Using a paper plate with the middle cut out so that it looks like a doughnut, help children glue the leaves around the plate. As the children are working on this project say, "God made the leaves and the trees. God made everything. Thank you, God, for the leaves and beautiful colors."

Then give each child two or three paper acorns. Tie a bow for the bottom of the wreath and attach the acorns to the top of the wreath. On the back of the wreath, write your Bible verse for the day. While doing this activity, you could also sing "Autumn Leaves" to the tune of "Mary Had a Little Lamb."

Autumn leaves are falling down, falling down, falling down.
Autumn leaves are falling down. Yellow, red, and brown.
Rake them up as they fall down, they fall down, they fall down.
Rake them up as they fall down. Yellow, red, and brown.

Age-Level Insights: 0-2


Sondra Saunders leads Prestonwood Baptist Church's preschool and children's ministry with more than 5,200 children in Plano, Texas. Please keep in mind that phone numbers, addresses, and prices are subject to change.

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