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Leading Volunteers: Mugs 'N' Muffins

Children's Ministry Magazine

Instead of having one big year-end appreciation luncheon for our volunteers, we have several Mugs 'n' Muffins appreciation open houses during the school year. We schedule each Mugs 'n' Muffins on a Sunday morning from 9:15 to 11:15 so our volunteers can stop by before, during, or after their involvement in worship, class, or ministry.

I designate one Mugs 'n' Muffins for all our Sunday school teachers, one for all our midweek ministry helpers, and one for our auxiliary ministries such as children's church and puppet ministry. Doing it this way keeps the number of people manageable.

Each time, I set up a decorated table with different kinds of mini muffins, bagels and cream cheese, coffee, spiced tea, and juice. I also make a small thank you gift for each Mugs 'n' Muffins. Each seasonal holiday lends itself to the table decorations and gift. For example, in February, I fill a plastic heart with chocolate Dove candies and attach a small note about what a sweetheart each volunteer is. In March, I fill a pearlized Easter egg with different Easter candies and attach a rolled-up scroll with a thank you note.

My leaders have said that they appreciate that they don't have to fit something else into their busy schedules, but they can enjoy this while already at church on Sundays.

Anne Bailey
Warsaw, Indiana

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