Leaders: Children’s Minister’s Book Club


Have your team recruited, trained, organized, and
excited about all that God is going to do in the lives of children
this year…

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Before you know it, school will be kicking back into gear. If
you’re a children’s ministry director, you’ll need to have your
team recruited, trained, organized, and excited about all that God
is going to do in the lives of children this year.

When making goals for the new ministry year, I often include a
few goals for my professional growth. Countless times I’ve made it
my aim to read books that I know will be of great benefit to my
growth as a children’s minister. But much to my disappointment, 365
days fly by, and I’ve barely opened a book. Well, not this

In the St. Louis area, I’m starting a children’s ministers book
club. During the course of the year, we’ll read four to six books
together. Our first selection is Joining Children on the
Spiritual Journey
by Catherine Stonehouse. We’ll follow that
with Focus on the Family’s Parents’ Guide to the Spiritual
Growth of Children

Children's Ministry Local Training

We’ll meet every other month to have lunch and discuss ways we
can implement what we’ve read. That’ll give us 50 to 60 days to
read each book. Our club will most likely run with the school year
since most children’s ministers’ summer schedules are so busy.

Here’s a sample outline we’ll follow for our discussions:

  • What was your overall impression of this book?
  • What are the most valuable insights you gleaned from reading
    this book?
  • What did you learn that you want to apply to your
  • What challenged you the most?
  • Are there any points at which you disagree with the
  • Is there anything you didn’t understand? If you want to start a
    book club, call a few colleagues in your area and make yourself
    accountable to reading in the new school year!
Lights! Cameras! Action!

Lori Salomo
Ballwin, Missouri

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