Laundry Basket Fun


Toddlers love these laundry basket activities that offer fun
ways to learn Bible lessons.

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  • Baby Moses-Wrap a doll in a blanket and place
    it in the basket. Tell toddlers how God helped baby Moses and kept
    him safe by placing him in a basket to float up river. Tell
    toddlers we can help others too, and show toddlers how to place the
    baby in the basket and push it across the room.
  • Miraculous Catch-Place toddlers in the basket
    and gently push them around the room as other children place
    plastic or stuffed fish in the basket. Tell children about how
    Jesus and his friends went fishing and caught lots of fish.
  • Tons of Food-Have toddlers fill the basket
    with plastic food items and push the basket around the room,
    sharing the pretend food with others. Talk about how a little boy
    shared his lunch with lots of people.

Patty Smith
Nashville, Tennessee



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