Laughter IS Good Medicine


Research shows that laughter plays an important role in both
physical and mental health. Laughter releases endorphins, chemicals
in your body that produce an overall feel-good sensation. Families
that laugh together feel closer to each other and overcome
disagreements and frustrations faster. Use these ideas to have some
belly-rolling laughter and fun as a family.

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  • Act silly. Tell goofy stories about
    make-believe characters. Let kids tell stories, too.
  • Joke around. Kids love to tell jokes, so let
    them share their latest after dinner or on trips to sports practice
    or music rehearsals.
  • Shake up the routine. Make usual routines
    unusual, such as eating dessert first at dinner or watching TV
    upside down.
  • Supply comic relief. Wake your kids for school
    in a zany costume, or play a game after dinner that’s sure to
    result in laughter. For laughable game ideas, go to


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