The Last Supper: Pass The Cup


Use this game with preschool age children to help them learn about the Last Supper with Jesus.

For this game about the Last Supper, you’ll need a blindfold and a cup.

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Say: Before Jesus died, he had a meal with his friends called the Last Supper. Jesus passed a cup around to say he’d die for his friends. Have the children sit in a circle. Choose a child to sit in the center of the circle, blindfolded, to be the Guesser.

Have the rest of the children pass the cup around the circle as you sing “Jesus Loves Me.” When the song is over, direct all the kids to hold their hands behind their backs.

Let the Guesser remove the blindfold and take three guesses at who has the cup. If the Guesser finds the cup, he or she trades places with that child. If not, the Guesser remains in place for another round of play.

Say: Jesus died for his friends because he loved them. And Jesus died for us, too.

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The Last Supper: Pass The Cup
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