Last-Minute List: Summer


4 Things to Do Before You

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When you take time off this summer, don’t forget to cover your
responsibilities at church. Nothing puts a damper on a family
vacation like a panicked phone call from the church on Sunday

• Plan.
Don’t plan your family vacation for the week
before vacation Bible school or on the day your summer volunteers
start their service. You can’t be present for everything, but
respect your staff by planning appropriate times to be

• Empower. Enlist one or two experienced volunteers to
fill in for you during weekend services. Give them a local contact,
such as your pastoral supervisor, in case they need direction or
there’s an emergency.

• Supply. Gather and label all of the necessary supplies
for activities while you’re away. This takes planning-but your
volunteers will appreciate it immensely.

• List.
Provide a thorough list for people covering your
duties while you’re away. Include a copy of the lesson, volunteer
assignments, location of extra supplies, and any other information
they’ll need to survive.

4 Last-Minute Decorating

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Need to add a little pizazz to your summer programming? Here are
quick ways to spruce up your meeting area without a lot of time,
money, or effort.

• Color-
Use balloons throughout your meeting area.
Purchase colorful fabric remnants to hang from the ceiling-drape
and twist the fabric for variety in different areas.

• Signs-Look beyond the obvious locations to place signs.
Tape directional signs in thematic shapes on the floor to help
people find rooms or to advertise your vacation Bible

• Shapes-Summer’s a great time to pick up kites,
inflatable beach toys, or garden items to hang from ceilings and

• Posters-Enlarge photos of children in your ministry,
secure the images on a foam core board, and mount these welcoming
photos at the entrance of your children’s ministry area.

My First Ministry Summer

I started as a children’s ministry director at a new church one
June. The previous leader hadn’t planned any summer programming
other than sleep-away camp. Rather than cramming a lot of
last-minute events into my summer, I used the down time to build
relationships with volunteers, kids, and families. Here’s

• Camp Connections-At camp I got to know kids and
identified potential leaders.

• Low-Key Links-
I planned simple, fun days at places
families enjoyed such as the water park, a local pizza eatery, and
an indoor skating rink.

By offering opportunities for families, I built relationships with
kids and parents, which gave me a foundation for a strong kick-off
and volunteer base in the fall.

-Carmen Kamrath

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