Last-Minute List: Summer


Spring has sprung, and summer’s standing
by–are you ready?

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Use our handy emergency-preparedness guide to ensure your summer
ministry plans stay on track.

3 Ways to Get VBS

Waiting until May to order VBS supplies can leave you high and dry
if your supplier is out of the items you need.

• Wait. Order the supplies you need and wait. Sometimes
items are on back order or may be returned by other churches that
ordered too much.

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• Ask. Many curriculum companies offer alternative
products or provide substitution ideas for crafts.

• Network. Check with churches in your area to see if
they over-purchased for their programs or would be willing to lend
you a prop that’s sold out.

School’s Out!

Your weekend volunteers want a summer vacation–apart from
volunteering in your ministry. Give them the break they deserve
with these last-minute summer volunteer options.

• Parent Power-
Ask parents to supplement your summer
openings by helping in a classroom at least once over the summer.
Who knows–it may become your best fall recruiting

• Merge-If your attendance drops over summer months,
consider merging into a multi-age program–these typically require
less volunteer power.

• Collegiate Push-
Tap college students who are home for
the summer as volunteers–their energy, age, and creativity
captivate younger children.

• Off-Duty-
School employees often miss little faces when
they’re not in school. Ask them to bless you with their experience
on Sundays during the summer.

4 Easy Programs to Connect

Have you planned extra opportunities to minister to kids over the
summer? Try these easy ideas.

• Park-and-Play-
Meet kids at a local park for lunch and
an hour of play time. Use this time to get to know kids in a small
group environment, free of programming worries.

• Church Mice-Have kids sign up for a morning of
doughnuts and service. Kids can come for a light breakfast on a
Monday morning, then work together to clean your worship center,
bathrooms, and common areas after busy Sunday services.

• Walk About-Call a group of kids to meet you at a local
trail head and venture into God’s creation for hiking,
conversation, and friendship.

• Bookworms-Choose a kid’s book and have it available for
purchase during your weekend worship services. Choose one day a
week for kids to come back to church for a book discussion. Let
kids dress up as characters from the story or together make a snack
that relates to the book.

180,000 = The number of U.S.
churches that host VBS each year

52 Percentage of pastors who
decided as kids to follow Jesus while at a Christian summer

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