Labor Day Lesson for Grades 4 Through 6


Use this 15-minute Labor Day lesson to help kids
discover the importance of work and rest.

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1. What’s My Career?-As each child enters the
room, place a tag on his or her back with a career written on it.
Have one of the tags read “pastor.” Have kids ask each other “yes”
or “no” questions to learn their identities. When a child guesses
correctly, move the tag to the front.

2. Resting in God’s Love-Form two groups. Have
one group do jumping jacks, and have the second group jog in place.
As the children perform their “duties,” talk about their careers
from the opener, sharing what they think would be the hardest part
of their job.
When kids seem to be tired, *ask: Are you ready to

Have everyone sit on the floor. Then have the “pastor” read
aloud Matthew 11:28.

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*Say: Labor Day is a holiday to honor workers by giving them a
day of rest. Jesus tells us that we can come to him anytime we’re
tired, and he will give us rest. How can Christ help us rest?

3. Quiet-Time Journal-Give each child a
notebook. Let children decorate these with fabric or wallpaper
scraps and stickers. Have them title their notebooks “My Time With
God.” Talk about how to use a journal. Kids can write their prayer
concerns, what they read in the Bible, or a note to God. Encourage
children to take time daily to rest in and reflect on God’s

4. Snack- You’ll need: Frozen bread dough
(thawed), honey, and butter.

Tell kids to: Have each child take a
handful of dough, form a strip, and twist it. Tell kids that
challah is the traditional bread for the Jewish Sabbath. This
twisted bread is similar to challah. After the work of baking is
over, rest together and talk about any traditional meals or food
kids have on the Sabbath.

5. Keep Up the Good Work-*Say: God gives us the
opportunity to rest so we can continue to serve him. Your job now
is to be a student, son or daughter, and friend. How we can serve
Christ at these jobs?

Have kids write their answers on newsprint. Close in prayer,
thanking God for the privilege of work and rest.

Carmen Kamrath is the associate editor for Children’s
Ministry Magazine


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For more great articles like this, subscribe to our magazine. Buy 3+ subscriptions for only $12 each.