Labor Day Lesson for Grades 1 Through 3


Use this 15-minute Labor Day lesson in your Sunday school class
to help kids discover the importance of work and rest.

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1. Sit on It-Before class, inflate a balloon
for each child. Place a small piece of paper marked with a star in
one of the balloons.

Give each child a balloon. When everyone has arrived, have kids
sit on their balloons until they pop. Assign the child with the
star in his or her balloon a special job such as being line leader
or snack helper. Discard balloon pieces.

2. My Week-Provide a long sheet of paper for a
mural. Divide the paper into seven sections, writing one day of the
week over each section. Have children illustrate the different
activities and work they accomplish on each day of the week.
Complete six days, leaving the Sabbath blank. As children work,
comment that God thinks work is good and wants us to do our jobs
well. Let kids share about the work they do during the week.

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Form a circle and read aloud Exodus 20:8-11. Have kids tell different ways
of resting on the Sabbath. *Say: Even God rested! It’s
important to make the Sabbath a special day to relax with God. We
also celebrate a holiday of resting each year on Labor Day. It’s a
day for workers to rest.

3. Rest Reminder-Give each child a 4 X 5-inch
piece of card stock. Supply glue, scissors, glitter, ribbon, and
crayons. Have children write on one side “I AM RESTING!” and on the
flip side, “I AM WORKING!”

Let kids decorate their cards for their bedroom doors as a
reminder of God’s desire for them to work and rest. Have them
attach ribbon so their cards can hang over a doorknob.

4. Snack-You’ll need: Frozen bread dough
(thawed), honey, and butter.

Tell kids to: Have each child take a handful of dough,
form a strip, and twist it. Tell kids that challah is the
traditional bread for the Jewish Sabbath. This twisted bread is
similar to challah. After the work of baking is over, rest together
and talk about any traditional meals or food kids have on the

5. My Sabbath-Have children return to the mural
and finish the Sabbath. Have kids share ways to celebrate God’s day
of rest. Close in prayer, thanking God for giving us the gifts of
work and rest.

Carmen Kamrath is the associate editor for Children’s
Ministry Magazine.


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