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Kids With a Mission

Tony Lane

Our kids got acquainted with their new friends at the orphanage. They taught each other games, explaining the rules through hand motions and signs since they didn't share the same language. As Alberto, a child at the orphanage, began to play with a group of children, Teresa Hererra, one of the directors, leaned over to me.

"Alberto is laughing and showing signs of happiness for the first time since he arrived here," she said. "He was sexually abused by his stepfather and has been in deep depression and full of anxiety. I can't believe that he is actually laughing and enjoying his play with the children."

Lesson 4: God is not limited to one language. He enables us to reach out to all tribes, tongues, and nations.

Thursday Night: Children's Church

Our kids ministered at the local community church's children's service. Some performed puppet skits. Others brought cassettes and boomboxes and sang. A drama team performed a live music video, portraying the words of a song as it played. The kids' participation further elevated their self-esteem and encouraged them in their talents and calling.

Our prep work sure helped. Before we left home, we had spent time with the kids learning about the Mexican culture, language, country, and people. I think it helped our kids understand a little of the culture they encountered.

Tonight our kids reached out to others, gave hugs, cried, shared gifts, and prayed together. The emotional attachments built relationships that'll be long-lasting and provide an avenue for mutual prayer.

Tonight 12-year-old Jay said, "This Poza Rica trip has made such an impact on my life that I'm determined to be a blessing in other mission projects with my talents and gifts."

"Lives are being impacted here!" Morgan, age 8, told me. "God used me by giving of myself and not being scared to try to tell other people about Jesus."

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