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Kids With a Mission

Tony Lane

After getting settled, we departed for a local restaurant, complete with a Mexican menu. When we received our food, some children made negative remarks about the food. "The tacos aren't like we get at Taco Bell." "What kind of food is this?" "I want a hamburger."

Lesson 2: When in another culture, respect the culture.

Thursday: Ministering At The Orphanage

Took the kids to the bridge in Poza Rica, where the orphanage ministry started. They proclaimed with wide eyes and exasperation, "I wouldn't live in that filth." "I can't believe they don't have beds." Another spoke up, "They don't have televisions. They don't even have bathrooms." We explained that the children had been abandoned by their parents as early as seven months old. One 13-year-old girl at the bridge had given birth as the result of sexual molestation and was raising her newborn infant. Exposure to this poverty helped the children know that they had much to be thankful for. Seeing the conditions that kids in the orphanage used to live in provided reasons for our kids to be thankful.

"This trip to Poza Rica has shown me how to be more appreciative of what I have," said 11-year-old Ben. "It also taught me that even if you have just a little but give a lot, God will bless you."

Lesson 3: Be thankful for your home and family. There are many who have much less.

Later -- took the children to visit the Alpha and Omega orphanage. The ministry there was started in 1992 by a couple who discovered children living under the bridge. At the orphanage, we walked up the hill to where 38 children live. There had been a lot of rain recently, and we had the challenge of walking through 6 inches of mud on the narrow road -- without a lot of complaining. As we got closer, we could hear the laughter and shouts of joy coming from the children: "Hola!" "Papa Tony!" "Bien venidos!"

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