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Lesson 7: Joy is not dependent
on circumstances.

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Saturday: Shopping With A Purpose

We went for breakfast again at the orphanage. Marcos, a youth
pastor in Michoacan, encouraged me to try some of the barbacoa,
which had been especially prepared for our breakfast. After I
tasted it, he told me that it was barbecued goat. The workers at
the orphanage had killed one of the goats to prepare for our
group’s breakfast. This time there were no negative comments about
the food. As our children heard about the sacrifice made on their
behalf, they witnessed the gratitude firsthand.

In the afternoon, we went shopping for tennis shoes for the
children in the orphanage. The needs here are so great, but this is
one need we came prepared to supply. As the children prepared for
the mission trip, they had collected backpacks, school supplies,
tennis shoes, and ministry tools for the people of Poza Rica. In
Mexico, brand name tennis shoes weren’t available. The kids didn’t
care! Elias Hererra, co-director of the orphanage, received his
first pair of new shoes in his entire 48 years of life.

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Eleven-year-old Angela told me later, “God blessed me by giving
me money and time to be able to come, but he put a seed in my heart
to sponsor someone [at the orphanage]and send money, new clothes,
and shoes.”

Lesson 8: You don’t have to wear
brand names to be happy.

Sunday: Sharing Our Gifts

Had breakfast at the hotel with Elias and Teresa Hererra. Our
children and sponsors gave the gifts they’d brought from home. I’d
brought a doll that sang Christian songs in Spanish. I decided to
give it to Teresa. When I did, she cried tears of joy. Elias told
us that Teresa had wanted a doll, but the money was needed for too
many other things. God knew the desire of her heart and provided –
through me!


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