Kids With a Mission


Lesson 5: God uses children to
reach children.

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We saw our kids and the kids in church with their arms around
each other, praying for one another. We exchanged bracelets with
our names written on them. They’ll serve as a prayer reminder.

We asked our kids what God was doing in their lives as a result
of the mission trip. Kelcie, age 9, responded, “God is giving me a
chance to start doing what he has called me to do. I now have the
desire to pray sincerely to him because I’ve seen what can happen
when you do.”

Kelcie’s faith has been strengthened because she saw and heard
the testimonies of answered prayer. The children at the orphanage
pray for the children who’ve come on this trip, and our kids will
continue to pray for their friends in Poza Rica.

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Lesson 6: There is no distance
in prayer.

Friday: Joy In An Orphanage

The week is going so fast. Enjoyed breakfast with the kids at
the orphanage. I believe that our kids are actually enjoying
breakfast “Mexican style.” There seems to be so much happiness in
abundance. The kids here don’t have much in comparison to our kids,
but they reflect so much joy.

Our kids have learned that even though the children at the
orphanage have had severe circumstances in their lives, they can be
happy and content. Many of the children at the home have been
abused physically, sexually, and verbally. Some have been
abandoned. Others were sent to the orphanage from distant cities or
villages. As our children hear their stories, they see how God can
turn devastating circumstances around and provide a place of
shelter and care.


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