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How can we help children put their faith into

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Empowering children with opportunities to be involved in hands-on
ministry is important. Obviously, though, this needs to be
balanced. The little boy who gave Jesus his food saw a miracle
happen through his gift of giving — but he was still hungry and
needed to be fed. We’re not advocating child labor. It’s very
important that children receive good, solid biblical teaching. It’s
equally important that they have opportunities to put their faith
and teaching into action, just as adults do during “big church”
services through helping in worship, greeting, and ushering.

We’ve been impacted by children as they’ve ministered to us in
remarkable ways. One child’s actions in particular impacted his
life, the lives of his peers, and our lives.

For years we traveled across Canada with a ministry called the
Rubber Chicken Company, but in the fall of 2005 we accepted a
children’s pastoring position in Leamington, Ontario. By midsummer
before the position began, we still hadn’t found a house to buy in
Leamington. We fretted as we ministered at several camps that
summer. One evening after the service, a 10-year-old boy asked if
there was anything he could pray about for us. We could’ve shrugged
him off and said “No thanks, we’re okay,” but we knew how powerful
a child’s prayer is, so we asked him to pray that God would help us
find a house. He then prayed a very simple prayer asking God to
bless us with the home of our dreams.

The next morning our real estate agent called. A house had just
gone on the market and he was sure we’d like it. So we slipped away
from camp that morning to see the house. To our delight, the house
had everything we were hoping for and more. It was perfect for us.
We put in an offer that afternoon, and by 6:00 that evening we were
the new owners of the home.

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That night back at camp, it was so exciting to share with the kids
about how in less than 24 hours from this boy’s prayer, God had
indeed provided us with the “home of our dreams.” The kids were so
impacted by what God had done through their friend’s prayer, and it
helped them realize that what they do for God makes a difference.
We know that boy and his friends remembered that moment for years
to come.

So whether it’s a 10-year-old’s prayer or the miracle that Jesus
did through the boy who offered his food, just imagine what God can
do through this generation of children. Create more opportunities
for children to minister for God, and you’ll see more
transformational miracles take place — today. Keep the body of
Christ healthy by giving kids equal footing when it comes to
ministry. Let’s give children the training and open doors to make a
difference for God!

Cindy and Mark Rose are children’s pastors in Leamington,
Ontario, Canada. They’re also creators of The Rubber Chicken
Company (,
a traveling children’s ministry.

Leading with Strengths

The following questionnaire helps kids recognize that God has a
specific plan for their lives, and it can help you discern kids’
strengths and interests as you guide them into ministry and
leadership roles.

Encourage kids to think critically as they complete the
questionnaire. Ask kids to respond to the first 10 statements with:
N for never, S for sometimes, or A for always. Kids with more N
answers are probably better suited to behind-the-scenes, supporting
roles, while kids with more A answers are more likely to flourish
in up-front, leading roles. Kids with more S answers might be
comfortable in either role. Use the last 10 questions to gain more
insight into kids’ strengths.

What Does God Want From My Life?

1. I’m more comfortable talking in a big crowd than a small

2. When I work alone, it’s difficult to stay on track.

3. I prefer activity and interaction to solitude.

4. I can imagine myself leading activities, songs, prayers, and

5. I’d rather be on stage than behind the scenes.

6. I’m often chosen as a leader at school.

7. When I’m with friends, I’m more likely to make the plan than
follow the plan.

8. I like presenting ideas and projects to my classmates in

9. I feel at ease when I talk to adults.

10. I’m good at influencing my peers.

11. I feel great when people notice how well
I______________________ .

12. My friends would say one of my best qualities
is______________________ .

13. I get annoyed when I have to_______________________ .

14. If I could volunteer, I’d really like
to_______________________ .

15. My dream career is______________________ .

16. The skills and training I’ll need for the future
include_____________________ .

17. The two of the happiest times in my life
are______________________ .

18. If I could change one thing about myself, it would
be______________________ .

19. People would be surprised to know this about
me:_______________________ . 

20. I’d like God to help me in this area:______________________

Lisa Stadler, M.A., is the author of I Didn’t Ask for
This: Survival Tips for Teens in Blended Families.



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