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Kids Night Out

Your church can give to parents and children through a Kids Night Out Program. This evening provides parents with free baby-sitting, and it also gives kids a fun evening at church. Kids Night Out can be used any time of the year, but it's especially good in the late fall when parents need to go Christmas shopping.

We created a fun theme for our Kids Night Out this year-Journey to the Moon. We used our youth group members and college students to staff this evening under the supervision of the children's pastor. Parents signed up their children in their Sunday school classes so we'd know how many children to expect, how many classrooms to use, and how many volunteers we'd need.

Our fun Journey to the Moon program included:

  • Galactic Games-For Moon Ball, kids played various games with an earth ball. In Meteor Shower, kids wadded up scrap paper and threw it back and forth across the gym. And in Astronaut Relay, kids raced to fill a suitcase with items they'd need on a shuttle trip.
  • Cosmic Crafts-Younger kids made rocket ships out of toilet- tissue rolls. Older children brought white socks to make "Moon Weirdo" hand puppets-creatures from the dark side of the moon!
  • Outer Space Snacks-We served Moon Pies and Tang.
  • Videos-We showed a collection of space-related videos, such as Bugs Bunny meets Marvin the Martian cartoons, the Moody Science Adventure Video, and "Journey to the Stars." Be sure to get permission to show these videos to large groups.


Tom Fethe
Knoxville, Tennessee

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