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Kids Make a Difference

Gordon West

Service at Church

Provide opportunities for kids and their families to serve at church with these ideas.

  • Sneak Surprise -- Have preteens wash all the car windshields in your parking lot during worship services. Leave behind preprinted notes that say, "Jesus Loves You!"
  • Toy Wash -- Children can help your nursery staff by washing toys. Preschoolers and preteens can work together to scrub plastic toys according to your nursery policies.
  • Birthday Party for Jesus -- Have an "after Christmas" party where children can give their gently used toys to your children's ministry or a shelter in honor of Jesus.
  • Family Workday -- Announce a workday for families at your church. Make a list of chores such as vacuuming, painting, gardening, or spring cleaning. Provide coffee, juice, and doughnuts. Create "To Do" and "Done" columns on a wall, and write instructions for each job on a sticky note. Post the notes on the "To Do" side. Families can choose their projects and celebrate by moving the sticky note to the "Done" column when they finish.
  • "I'm Serving God" Buttons -- Have kids design buttons that say, "I'm serving God!" Make the buttons by cutting out 3-inch diameter card stock circles and having kids decorate them using stickers, markers, and glitter. Use a hot glue gun (adults only) to fasten clasps (available at craft stores) on the backs. Discuss the various ways people serve in your church, then have children thank these people with a handmade button. Give every child a button, too, as you celebrate their service at church.

Service in the Community

Seventy-three percent of kids believe they can make a difference in their communities. We only need to provide opportunities for children to act on this belief. Try these opportunities.

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