Kids Make a Difference

  • Volunteer to read. Libraries and schools are
    always looking for volunteer readers. Offer to staff your public
    library’s reading hour with families from your church, or encourage
    kids to help younger readers at their schools outside regular
  • Start a Chronicles of Narnia Club. Draw
    families into your church by hosting a family reading night. Let
    younger children “host” while older kids read. With the recent
    interest in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, this is
    the perfect story to use to kick-start a new outreach.
  • Be a good neighbor. Older kids can help
    neighbors by weeding, mowing, painting, house-sitting, or
    pet-sitting. Preschoolers enjoy leaving flowers or handmade cards
    on doorsteps.
  • Give something special. Encourage families to
    clean closets by giving gently used clothing and toys directly to
    less fortunate families or organizations supporting families in

Service Across the Country

As children get older, they gain more understanding of needs
outside their communities. Elementary and preteen kids love to get
involved with national projects.

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  • Stuff Envelopes — Most nonprofit
    organizations or church denominations have regular mailings
    requiring hours of stuffing and labeling. Ask your church or
    favorite charity about their needs.
  • Pray for States — Pick one location each
    month and have kids pray for the people living there and those who
    need to hear about Jesus. Share stories from missionaries your
    church supports in the regions you choose.
  • Help in Hardship — Kids hear about needs
    within our country and want to help. When natural disasters occur,
    kids and families can get involved with well-known national relief
    agencies such as these.

American Red Cross ( has a number of ways kids and
families can gather funds or needed items during national crises.
Contact your local chapter for more details.

Salvation Army ( has many ways for
families with younger children to serve, including serving holiday
meals, ministry to the homebound, clothing drives, bell ringing,
and special needs at times of national disaster. Check with your
local chapter to see how your kids can serve.

Celebrate your kids’ service on National & Global Youth
Service Day. Youth Service America sponsors this day to focus on
youth involvement in lifelong service.

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Service Around the World

The world is a big place, but children better understand their
impact when service projects are tangible and practical. Kids’
vision and comprehension of the world expands when we involve them
in hands-on, meaningful projects.

  • Prayer Aware — When kids pray for other
    children, they make a deeper connection to those in need. Have kids
    choose a world region to learn about and pray for the children
    there regularly.
  • Special Operations — Samaritan’s Purse’s
    Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes have children gather and send
    practical items such as school supplies and toys to kids around the


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  1. I am just retired from Compassion International India field office as National Church Advocacy Supervisor. Our family involved in chldren ministry (after school programs and School for poorest of the poor in the fishermen colony and housing board colony). How can we partner with you.

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