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GodshowupFor the title="kidmin13">KidMin Conference, I have the
privilege of working on the team that crafts the six general
sessions–morning and night. Our general sessions turned out so
amazing last year! We had a surprising prayer station morning–all
built around the song “Jesus Loves Me.” Another time, we created a
multisensory re-enactment of Noah’s Ark–it was a goosebump
experience. And yet another time, our attendees came into a giant
beach party! It’s hard to top all that.

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And, frankly, when we started brainstorming for this year’s
sessions, I felt empty. I told my team that I had nothing. I was
dry! And I really needed them to pray. One of them gave me a book
to inspire me and others prayed. Soon after, God began to reveal to
me what he wanted to accomplish in the general sessions for KidMin
13. I won’t give you details because part of the secret sauce is
the element of surprise. You’ll just have to be there!

But I will tell you what I’ve learned about creating
environments for God to show up.

1. It’s our job. Creating programming isn’t
about being the most creative or memorable. Our job is to create
environments that invite God into an encounter with his people.
That’s the measure of success–did people experience our amazing

2. It’s not about me. I start to feel like I’m
not worthy. I’m not holy enough. My broken vessel will get in the
way of God doing amazing things. Truth is, it’s not about me. It’s
about our loving God who longs to connect with us. It’s about

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3. Jesus is the star! Not me, not the speakers,
not the bands. May everything we do shine the light on him!

4. God has a plan. I kept thinking of creative
brainstorm exercises I could use to get inspiration. Then one day
as I was coming to work, I prayed, “God what do you want to do?” He
planted a verse in my heart. And from my listening post, God
started giving me ideas. Thank you, God! How faithful is he!

5. It’s up to God. I always say that we can’t
program a movement of God. We can create an environment. God
showing up is up to God. It’s what we ask for and seek. But in the
end, God is not a vending machine. He will or won’t show up. I
believe he will. We’re inviting him to KidMin 13 in every
corner–and specifically in our general sessions.

Why are the general sessions so important? We believe in all the
training zones throughout the day that we’re focusing on our
attendees as ministers. We want them to get everything they need to
be even more effective in their churches. Our training is

But in the general sessions, we focus on our attendees as adults
who love and adore Jesus. As ministers, you don’t often get to
worship without distraction, so we seek to create that with the
Brian Davis Band, Leeland, and All Sons and Daughters. You don’t
often get to hear the sermon or slow down to encounter God in fresh
ways. We’re committed to helping you grow closer to God in these

We’re excited to see you in less than two weeks now in Columbus.
May you encounter God in surprising and powerful ways that
transform you!


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