KidMin March Madness Highlights

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BasketballEverywhere I turn, I keep hearing about how March
Madness is here and how everyone’s bracket is busted. Even on
television, all I see are the highlights from the games. That got
me thinking, what if there were brackets and highlights for
children’s ministry? Let’s give it a shot…

We’ll kick off our highlights in the Snacks
bracket, where things were off to a sloppy start…

The coach loves getting all the members of the team involved
when it comes to snack time, but this player missed his shot.


And talk about missing the shot…the kid just can’t get the snack
in the hole.

Funniest -kid -gifs -kid -ice -cream

Moving to the Kids’ Choir bracket, we hit high
notes and low notes.

Don’t you just love it when kids get into the music?


But unfortunately, some got distracted when the instruments came


And now a look at the Volunteer Training

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This volunteer is really trying to shake things up, but his
technique leaves the kid seeing circles.

Funniest -kid -gifs -dizzy -soccer -kick

And never trust anyone just because they say they’re good with


Finally, we move to Outside Play.

We take a look at two kids blowing dandelions. First up, this
player is having a hard time getting the wind power going.


But when all else fails, it’s time to shake up the play book!

Funniest -kid -gifs -dandelion

What do you think a March Madness bracket would look like for your
children’s ministry? Let us know using the comment section

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