How KidMin Is a Conference for Kidmin Leaders BY Kidmin Leaders


Group’s KidMin Conference guest post from Gloria Lee: How KidMin Is a Conference for Kidmin Leaders BY Kidmin Leaders!

All I really need to know about Kidmin… I learned from other Kidmin leaders…

When I graduated with my MA in Christian Education from seminary, I thought I was ready to face anything children’s ministry could throw at me. However as years went by, I realized I knew less and less about doing children’s ministry. I had much of the theory of doing ministry down…but what I realized was that most of the situations I was facing were things we never talked about in our classes.  To add to the discouragement, most of my classmates had left ministry within five years of graduation. I grew discouraged by the moment, and wondered if I should continue in children’s ministry.

By the grace of God, I started to connect with other children’s ministry leaders around the country through Group (this is really a God Sighting, especially since it was before social media days!). As I got to know them better, I started asking all things I have ever wondered about children’s ministry. I asked who, what, when, where, why, and how. I started to learn from those who were experienced, from those that do things differently to help me think outside my box, from those who made the same mistakes, and those who deeply cared about other kidmins. To this day, I thank God that I was able to connect with other kidmins when I did because I truly believe with my heart that I would have left ministry without this network of those who understood what I was going through!

Group is passionate about resourcing, training, and helping those of us in the trenches of ministry. The first year of Kidmin, I was asked to lead the bivocational connect group because I had been bivocational for 12 years at that point in my life. The following year, I was no longer bivocational, but there was a wonderful gal who was in deeper trenches of being bivocational than I was… and she took over leading that group the following year! I love that KidMin places practitioners in these roles to understand, empathize, and support one another in similar situations.

Even as a workshop leader, I’m not asked to lead on something that I know theoretically. Rather, through multiple conversations, KidMin has me lead through my heart, passion, and experience. They don’t expect me to lead with all the answers…but with what I’ve learned through my experience, and share that experience with others to encourage, bless, and support.

I have left each KidMin Conference with new friends because we live parallel lives in ministry… and we understand each other. We become family!

KidMin’s Insider Track Team is comprised of kidmin leaders throughout the country. Everything KidMin screams “we care about kidmin leaders everywhere, and we want to minister to, encourage, resource, and support kidmin leaders everywhere. And we’re going to help you network and support one another!”

KidMin Conference gets that what we kidmin leaders need the most is to connect with other kidmin leaders. Sure, there is a lot that we can learn from experts…but best support comes from our peers, those who understand our lives…and KidMin is fully equipped with kidmin leaders waiting to connect with other kidmin leaders!

Gloria LeeGloria Lee is a 20-years-plus children’s ministry veteran, serving at a church in Los Angeles. Gloria is also a KidMin presenter. Don’t miss her pre conference session on REAL Learning! Register today!

How KidMin Is a Conference for Kidmin Leaders BY Kidmin Leaders
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