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From guest bloggers Gene & Tisha DeKeno…

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Ever wonder what it’s like to attend a conference where every detail is designed with you in mind? Well, we’ve had the great privilege to experience such an event which has shaped who we are, what we do, and how we do ministry together.

The staff at the KidMin Conference care so much about your presence that they make every effort to create an environment that nurtures your spirit and feeds your soul. As expected, you hear from amazing keynote speakers, learn from great ministry leaders, and experience authentic worship from talented artists. What isn’t expected are the various outlets designed to enhance a caring community of support and value that bring refreshment to all you do.

Here are three key ways we’ve been blessed by the KidMin Conference.

Children's Ministry Local Training

1. We took advantage of the Connect Groups. In this space you gather in a small group with a common thread for all those who join. What you gain is an immediate community of fellow ministry leaders who relate to you, encourage you, and are encouraged by you. Friendships matter in what we do and this group will carry you through the peaks and valleys of ministry.

2. We participated in Ministry Conversations. The panel is made up of caring ministry leaders who take a topic of interest, pose issues and questions to the group, and offer a variety of solutions discovered by your own sharing and table discussions. Often all we do seems overlooked and unappreciated- this is where your experience is welcomed, valued and important to others.

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3. We discovered the value of The Shelter. Often you go to a conference with a specific issue/concern in your ministry, or a desire to grow and improve. The Shelter offers one on one coaching and counseling that will fulfill that need. But it’s more than that; we benefited from The Shelter by spending time self-evaluating and rediscovering our passion and our purpose. This is a unique, safe, and confidential space to voice what you’re going through personally & professionally, and receive advice on how to persevere and thrive beyond it.

These three components of the KidMin experience are just a few of the ways you’ll feel loved and cared for while attending. If that weren’t enough, there are also prayer rooms to spend some alone time with God, they provide Xorbee foam furniture to rest and relax in, but our favorite has been the people and leaders we connect with every year. They not only are investing in us, but they truly care about us and our well being as we serve.

If you know the importance to “Abide” in Christ but get caught up in the hustle and bustle of work; don’t miss this year’s opportunity to refresh, reconnect, and be cared for at KidMin 2015.

DeKenosGene DeKeno is a Director of Children, Youth & Family Ministries in Albuquerque, NM. His wife, Tisha, serves with him utilizing her gifts of leadership, organization and administration in all aspects of the ministries. They strive to model their love for God and for each other to their two kids Christian (8) and Kailei (5). Both Gene & Tisha have served at KidMin conference as leaders & hosts of Ministry Conversations, Connect Groups, and assist at The Shelter. They also are members and contributors to the KidMin Inside Track Team.

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