Kick Off Your VBS In a Big Way


So you’ve gotten everything lined up for your VBS. You’ve
prayerfully chosen the perfect curriculum and purchased your
supplies. Your team has enthusiastically taken the reigns.
Invitations and announcements, fliers and posters are announcing
the big event. The phone tree is activated to contact kids. Your
prayer team is praying daily. Looks like it’ll be a whopping
success…but wait! You’re lacking one thing.

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Don’t dare to let this incredible potentially life-changing
event begin with a fizzle! You’ve got to begin with a BANG!

Stage a BIG event to kick off your VBS. Your big event could be
the one thing that distinguishes your program from the other dozen
VBSes in your city that same week. It could also set it apart from
any mentality your church may have about “Oh, it’s just another
VBS. Yawn. Wake me up when it’s over.”

Here are nine tips to help you launch the best VBS Kickoff your
church has ever kicked off!

1. Plan with your team. Answer basic questions
such as What type of big event does our church respond to? How much
of our budget can we set aside for our kickoff event? What people
can we involve in the big event who aren’t already maxed to the
limit with the VBS itself? What event can we hold that incorporates
the most elements that our church enjoys, is different enough to
excite everyone, involves loads of people who’d normally not be
involved in the VBS, and is the most cost effective? How can we
make it Fun with a capital F?

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2. Pick a prime time to hold your event. Rather
than having your big event on the first day of your VBS, stage your
kickoff on the Sunday prior to your VBS. That’s how you’ll get most
people’s attention, simply because it’s when most people are at the
church. If you can incorporate your event with the adult and
children’s services on Sunday morning, all the better. Or perhaps
you could hold your kickoff immediately following your morning

3. Make your big event strongly thematic.
Exploit your VBS theme for all it’s worth. For example, let’s use
an outrageously goofy theme to illustrate what we mean. If your VBS
theme is about fish, you could decorate by having fish dangling
from your ceiling. Have someone dress up in a fish costume. Create
a large fish mouth around your entry doorway. Serve Gummi fish
candies in blue gelatin. Play Catch the Fish Tag where the Tagger
tries to catch the “fish.”
You get the picture!

4. Involve children. Two weeks before your
kickoff, give the children a black and white poster of your VBS
theme to color. Include information about the days and times-and,
of course, also the kickoff. Tell children that you’ll display
their completed posters in an art gallery at the kickoff. Everyone
who turns in a completed poster gets a special prize. Have children
give extra posters to their friends at school and in their

5. Decorate, decorate, decorate! Whether your
theme is a jungle, outer space, the wild west, or giant talking
vegetables, make the decorations reflect the theme throughout your
church. Bulletin boards, hanging mobiles, banners, flags, wall
hangings, posters, 3-D trees, western town buildings, space ships,
and jungle animals are a good starting place.

6. Dress up. Costumed characters work wonders
in promoting a VBS and big event. If your VBS features a special
character or two, rent or make character costumes. Have these
characters greet people in the parking lot, lobby, and church
hallways on the day of your kickoff. Your characters can make a
creative announcement in the Sunday morning service, or they can
simply carry signs across the platform or perform a quick skit.

7. Roll the tape. Show a short video clip
during the Sunday morning service and during your kickoff to
increase people’s interest. Many VBS curricula come with a video
you can use. Even better, though, is video footage of your own VBS
from the previous year, showing loads of kids growing in Christ,
children coming to Jesus for the first time in life, and all of
them having tons of fun. Edit your footage to about five minutes of
fast highlights. Dub in the theme song from this year’s VBS.

8. Where’s the chow? Every church event is more
successful if there’s plenty of food. This is especially important
if you hold your kickoff following the Sunday morning service.
Again, be true to your theme. Instead of charging a set fee for the
food, weigh the plates of food for each person as they go through a
buffet style line and charge cents per ounce.

Okay, and at the risk of being redundant, make the chow fit the
theme! For a western theme, throw a giant barbecue. Make creepy,
crawly bugs out of vegetables for a jungle theme. If nothing else,
have a bakery decorate a giant cake to fit your theme! That’s the
easiest way to accomplish your goal.

9. Games are always a hit. Plan several games
around your theme. Pull ideas from your curriculum, and involve
people of all ages in the games. Set up the games as stations that
people can visit, or designate a special time that everyone will
play the games together.

With these nine steps, your VBS is sure to be the best ever.
Kick off your VBS with a big bang, and watch kids’ excitement and
momentum explode!

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