Keeping Yourself Spiritually Challenged


“But I think secondly, it’s imperative that every leader has a
minimum of one and a maximum of four trusted, loyal, and yet
objectively accountable people who work in close enough proximity
to us that when something seems to be going south, it’s very easy
for them to pick up on it and confront us out of concern. Without
people like that around us, we are left to our own perceptions and
that has proven in the past to be a very deadly risk.”

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How can you keep yourself spiritually challenged? Choose one
idea you’ve read about and practice it this week. Use the boxed
devotions as a launching point to grow spiritually.



Philippians 4:4-7; 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18; and Psalm 100.

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  • How does focusing on the negative affect your attitude?
  • What effect does your hoping in God have on your ability to be
  • How can thankfulness change negative situations?
  • Make a file called Active Blessings. List all the things you
    can thank God for.
  • Make a file called Future Blessings. List 10 disappointments.
    Pray and thank God for each one. A year from now, review your list.
    Reflect on which disappointments God has turned into
PRAY Lord, I’m rich in blessings, Poor in
hopelessness, And forever in your mercy and grace. I can never
repay your gifts of love. Thank you!

Linda Shepherd



Proverbs 3:5-6; Psalm 37:23-24; and James 1:2-5.

  • Why are straight paths better than crooked ones?
  • How can God straighten our paths?
  • Is it easier to trust in yourself or to trust in God?
  • How can you trust God more fully?
DO Talk to God about a problem you’re
experiencing. Ask God to speak to you and direct your path. Spend
the next few minutes listening to God. Jot down any solutions you
feel could be from God.
PRAY Lord, be the light of my path, Shine
your truth into my life, Teach me to recognize and follow your
voice. Amen.

Linda Shepherd

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