Keeping the Lines of Communication Open


9.21 FixedThis time next week, we will be at Group’s
KidMin 2012
. I know we are all excited about this
unconventional convention for people who work with kids. A core
value of KidMin is relationships/conversations. We believe in the
importance of connecting with peers and sharing tips, stories, and
advice with others.

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This is my 30th blog post for Children’s Ministry
online. And as much as I enjoy sharing my thoughts and research, I
absolutely love hearing from you all. We have a great team here and
usually whenever I post a new blog, someone updates our Facebook page as well. Our friends often post
insightful comments regarding the blog topic.

So, in honor of the 30th blog, I wanted to revisit
some of our more recent topics and hear what our Facebook friends
had to say.


Children's Ministry Local Training

5 Insights for Dealing with Discussions on Death

Christy Sorensen Albright writes – “I think children need to be
allowed to attend funerals. And I think their questions about death
can be answered in developmentally appropriate ways. For instance,
an older gentleman in the church died. He was known to the kids as
“the candy man” because he always had candy in his pockets to give
to the kids. They asked how he died, and I told them his heart
stopped working. They asked if their hearts would stop working and
I told them they weren’t likely to stop working anytime soon. They
seemed ok with those answers so I didn’t go into more details. Many
of the parents allowed their kids to attend the funeral. The kids
decided to bring candy and they put it on top of the older
gentleman’s casket. It was a powerful example of love. The kids
understood enough and they were able to say goodbye. They taught
the rest of us a lot that day.”

Strengthen Your Ministry With These Safety Tips

From 5 Tricks to Ease
Separation Anxiety

Rebecca Maney writes – “A quick drop-off is the key. We assure
parents that we will use our security pagers to notify them if a
child does not settle down within a reasonable period of time. And
we also have consistent caregivers with our infants and toddlers;
that “same face” makes it easier on everyone.”

From 5
Sure-Fire Tips for Recruiting and Keeping Volunteers

Alex Douglas writes – “(It’s) a combination effort – we first
pray for the right people – God knows who they are. Next we show
our congregation what is happening in our ministries – people want
to be informed about what is happening and will get excited when
you share what is happening! Lastly, when people express an
interest, we start with a short-term commitment. Our experience
with this strategy has people who come for a short time but stay
for the long haul!”

From How to Deal With
Disinterested Kids

Dani Pennington writes – “I had a boy who was not at all happy
with the idea of church. So I gave him a job. He runs our sound on
Sunday mornings in our children’s ministry and now he tells his
parents ‘we can’t miss church tomorrow.’ Helping them realize that
the church belongs to them is a great way to get connected with

Debbie Dupre writes -“Through the years of doing ministry, we
have come across many personalities. (Some) only come to church
because their parents make them. My husband and I always sought out
those kids that could care less or didn’t fit in and try to reach a
common ground with them. We inquired about their interest and went
from there. We would use them as helpers and make contact during
the week with them. Some of our strongest leaders have come from
these young people. We have been teaching for 32 years. We as
children’s pastors need to constantly change with the time. You
cannot teach the same way you did last year…your methods and ideas
change but you never water down the word. The word never changes.
God knows we have these kids and he will show us how to reach them,
as we seek him.”

Top Three Ways to Handle Snacks in Kidmin

From 5 Tips to Help
Your Kids Get Mission Ready

Lisa Lumsden Ware writes – “Our kids do a lot of
mission-minded activities! We have a once a month missions focus
where we learn about a missionary and their ministry, and pray for
their needs. Also, during our Day Camp (VBS) in June, we raise
financial support for a missions project–sometimes local, if
possible, other times through missionaries our congregation
supports. We also make encouragement cards/posters/placemats for
local jail ministries throughout the year, as needed/requested.
Lastly, our kids support a child through a sponsorship


From 7 Ways to Teach Morals
to Children

We asked our friends to fill in the blank: And the moral of the
story is ____.

Mike Allen writes – “God loves you!”

Sonja O’Neal Smalley writes – “Victory in Jesus”

Blue Sunday writes – “Never leave a 3-year-old alone in the same
room with scissors.”


One of the biggest Facebook discussions came around the time I
5 Things You Can Do to Encourage Kids’ Motivation in Children’s
. We asked our friends if they are for or against using
a reward system.

People like Ryan Weyant were for it. “Yes….rewards systems are
good for all children…it makes learning a little more fun and I’m
sure kids would learn more & strive harder knowing they get
rewarded for their efforts! Go for it!”

While others like Tiffany Crawford were totally against it.
“Nope! God does not have a reward system with us so we shouldn’t
teach that to the kids!”

The discussion seemed to continue for days after the post. Check it out and add to the discussion!

Heart Matters: Living on Life's Fringes


Happy 30th blog post everybody! Thank you all for
reading. As I said before, the whole team loves hearing from you
all. Try to keep the lines of communication open between you, your
volunteers, and your kids’ parents. It will help grow stronger
connections throughout your ministry.

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    I like the sharing about the 'Candy Man', indeed it is helpful to share with the kids and explain how a person they know before is no longer around. No matter how young, if a child asks, it would be good to dialogue with them, death is a passage and is part of life.

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