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Theme: Peer Pressure

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You’ll need Jump5’s song “Pressure” from the Accelerate
album (Sparrow Records), a CD or cassette player, and a Bible.

Form trios. Have kids stand with their hands clasped behind
their backs. Then have each trio stand tightly side by side.
Designate an area across the room that the two outside trio members
pressure the inside person toward. They can only use their bodies
to pressure the inside person — no arms or legs. The inside person
must try not to give in to the pressure. Play for one minute. Then
switch roles until each trio member is on the inside.

Afterward, ask: How easy or difficult was it to pressure the
person in the middle toward the goal? What made it easier? more
difficult? When you were in the middle, what did you have to do to
keep from being pressured? How is this activity like or unlike how
you feel when friends are trying to pressure you to do something
you don’t want to do? What do you do in those situations to not
give in to pressure?

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Say: Let’s listen to this song about pressure
by Jump5.

Play the song.

Ask: According to this song, what is the
singer’s motivation for not giving in to pressure? How can we want
to do right with all our heart?

In their trios, have kids share with one another any pressured
situations they’re facing right now. Then have them pray for one

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