July/August 2015 Web Exclusives


CM0715RGBIn each issue of Children’s Ministry Magazine we offer exclusive extra content, ideas, and downloadables found only at as a benefit to our subscribers. Use these Web Exclusives to help you as you minister to children and their families.

  • Creation Play: Immerse your toddlers in creation with this version of flannelgraph—totally reinvented! Lay a large piece of felt on the floor as a large mat, or use several smaller pieces. Use these templates as patterns to cut out multiple shapes from felt. (From “Age-Level Insights 0 to 2,” page 23)
  • Bubble Wrap Bingo: Kids will have a blast getting to know one another with this game. Print one of these Bubble Wrap Bingo templates for each child. (From “Age-Level Insights 3 to 5,” page 27)
  •  Harness VBS Momentum: Vacation Bible School is one of the biggest community outreach programs churches do all year. Rather than settling into the status quo after it’s over, why not extend the excitement? Vet your post-VBS lessons against Group’s R.E.A.L. learning philosophy so kids learn the Bible in meaningful, applicable ways they’ll remember. Learn more about R.E.A.L. here. (From “Age-Level Insights 6 to 9,” page 32)
  •  Summer Snow Day: Depending on where you live, mid- to late-summer can get pretty hot. Invite kids in your community to take their minds off the heat by hosting a summer “snow day.” Download and customize this invitation for your summer “snow day.” (From “Reaching Out,” page 38)
  • Everything is Awesome: Kick off your new ministry with an “Everything is Awesome” event to motivate your team for another year of service! In light of the 2014 hit movie The LEGO Movie® and because LEGOs are universally known and enjoyed by just about everyone from young children to grandparents, a LEGO-themed volunteer kickoff is sure to energize the masses. Invite your team with this LEGO-themed invitation template. (From “Everything is Awesome,” page 98)
  • Awesome Decor: You might want to use the “Everything is Awesome” song from The LEGO Movie as background music or for a slide show of pictures from your ministry events. Or check out some of the LEGO-themed ideas we pinned on Children’s Ministry Magazine’s Pinterest page. (From “Everything is Awesome,” page 99)
  • Awesome Training: We all live by a code. Some of us follow directions to a T. Others freestyle it. In The LEGO Movie, there are people who live by a code of strict rules. Other people live by no rules or consistency. In kids’ ministry, a balance of structure and creativity-inducing freedom is the best formula—a balance of grace and truth. (From “Everything is Awesome,” page 102)
  •  Awesome Favors: Looking for some easy LEGO-themed party favors? Wrap small candy bars using our candy-bar wrap template. Or thank your volunteers with this LEGO-themed thank-you card. (From “Everything is Awesome,” page 103)

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July/August 2015 Web Exclusives
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