Children’s Message: Joseph’s Journey

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Use this children’s message: Joseph’s Journey to help kids collaborate to learn God’s plan for Joseph.

Add even more fun learning to this children’s message with the Work It Out video.

Scripture: Genesis 37, 39, 41

You’ll Need: 3×5 cards, pens, modeling dough, and a Bible

Before kids arrive, write the following passages on 3×5 cards:

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  • Genesis 37:18-20 and 26-28
  • Genesis 39:1-4
  • Genesis 39:19-20
  • Genesis 39:21-23
  • Genesis 41:14-16
  • Genesis 41:41-43

Form six groups, and give each group modeling dough and one of the 3×5 cards. Help kids read the passages if needed. Then, ask each group to sculpt a 3-D representation of their verses. When everyone is finished, have groups take turns acting out their section of Joseph’s life with their sculptures.

Say: So many bad things happened to Joseph. But even in the hard times, Joseph knew God had a plan for him. In the end, God used the bad things to do something really amazing in Joseph’s life. Sometimes God allows things to happen to us that we don’t understand, but no matter what, God always has a plan for us.


  • Tell about a time something awful happened to you but then something good came out of it.
  • How can Joseph’s life encourage you when bad things happen?

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