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Jesus Washes the Disciples’ Feet

Jesus Washes the Disciples' Feet

John 13:1-17
What Kids Will Do: Make aprons to remind them to serve others.
What Kids Will Need: 9x12-inch pieces of white felt, hole punch, yarn, tempera paints, paper plates, sponge shapes, scissors
Preparation Place: Pour a thin layer of paint onto several paper plates. Use the hole punch to make holes (about 2 inches apart) across the longer side of each piece of felt. Set out all other supplies where children can easily reach them.

Easy Steps

Action Aprons

  1. Give each child a piece of white felt and a 4-foot length of yarn.
  2. Direct children to lace yarn through the holes, creating apron "strings."
  3. Allow children to dip the sponges in the paint and stamp patterns on their aprons.

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Preschool Connection

When children have finished, ask them to help you collect the craft supplies. Discuss the John 13:1-17 account of Jesus washing the disciples' feet. Ask:

  • Can you name some things you can do to put this apron "into action"?
  • When you serve others, how do you think it makes them feel?
  • How does serving someone else make you feel?

Say: We can grow in love by serving others. Jesus was a servant; he came to take away our sins and show us God's love. Jesus set an example for us to follow. We can be like Jesus and serve others with love.
WOWS That Work

Let children don their aprons and launch into cleaning their meeting room. Toys should be put away, floor can be swept, and furniture may be dusted. Small toy brooms actually do "work," and socks worn over hands make fun dusters.

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