Jesus Turned Water Into Wine

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This object lesson explores how Jesus turned water into wine and shows kids how they can help each other to grow as Christians–even if they cannot perform miracles.

What you’ll need: Large bowl of water Pitcher with presweetened red powered-drink mix Wooden spoon Plastic glasses Smocks (to prevent an accidental spill on clothes)

Gather children around the table on which you’ve placed the large bowl of water, the pitcher with the presweetened, red powdered-drink mix, the wooden spoon, and the plastic glasses.

Say: Jesus wants us to be helpers! A long time ago, Jesus helped people at a family wedding party. The people at the party drank up all the wine, and there was nothing left to drink! So Jesus told the helpers to fill some jars with water. Have children put on the smocks. Then direct children to use the plastic glasses to scoop water from the bowl into the pitcher that has the powdered-drink mix in the bottom. Have children stir the mixture.

Then Jesus said, “Pour some of the water out, and give it to the man in charge of the party.” Help the children pour some of the drink into their glasses. Suddenly, the people saw that the water had turned red. The helpers were surprised! The man in charge was surprised!


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• What do you think made our water turn red? • How do you think Jesus made the water turn red?

Say: I had powdered drink mix in the pitcher before you put the water in. It wasn’t a miracle; we just added water to the powdered mix. But Jesus did a real miracle-he turned water into wine! Jesus is powerful, and he uses his power to help others. Jesus wants you to help others too.


• [Child’s name], who are some people you can help? What kinds of things can you do to help them?

Let the children give examples of ways they can help others.

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