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Jesus Heals a Paralyzed Man

Bible Point: Jesus wants to forgive us.

Verse: Mark 2:1-12

How exciting to have such dear friends that they would not only have the faith to carry you to see Jesus, but would then "raise the roof" for you! As you tell this story, remind your children that not only did Jesus heal the crippled man, but, more important, he forgave his sins. Explain to the children that Jesus told the man that he was forgetting every bad thing that the man had ever done. Remind your children that Jesus wants to forgive their sins, too!

Before you begin, make sure that you have a large beach towel and a paper outline of a man that can be attached to the beach towel. Also, make a square house out of chairs by setting them side by side with the seats facing out. Make the "house" large enough for your class to sit inside but small enough to be crowded while they are in it.

Say: Jesus had gone to Capernaum and was talking to a group of people in a house. Choose a child to be Jesus, and place him or her in the house. The house was very crowded. Have all but four children go into the house with Jesus. Everyone was listening to Jesus talk when, all of a sudden, four people came up carrying a crippled man on a mat. Give the four remaining children the beach towel mat with the paper man placed in the center, and have them carry it to the door of the house. But there was no way they were going to get in through the door. So they came up with a better plan: They would lower their friend down through the roof. Help the four children with the mat climb up on the chairs and lower the mat down into the house. Have children inside the house make room for the mat to be placed on the floor.

The people inside were very surprised! Have the children inside the house make surprised faces.

Ask: How would you feel if someone started coming through our ceiling?

Say: When Jesus saw them, he did something amazing. He told the crippled man that his sins were forgiven. Well, some of the important teachers who were there didn't like that. Have children cross their arms and make grouchy faces. "How can you forgive this man's sins? Doe you think that you are God?" they said. Jesus said to the grouchy men, "I will show you that I am the Son of God. I can forgive his sins and tell him to get up and walk." So Jesus turned to the crippled man and said, "Get up, pick up your mat, and go home!" Have one child pick up the paper man from the mat and pretend to walk him out of the house.

Wow, how exciting for the crippled man!

Ask: How would you feel if you could walk all of a sudden?

Say: Jesus loved the man so much that he healed him and said that he forgave all the bad things he had ever done. Jesus forgives the bad thing we've done, too.


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