Jesus Calms the Sea


Jesus Calms the Sea

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The disciples were just exhausted. All day crowds and crowds of people had been following Jesus, listening as he taught and watching as he healed the sick. Now the sun was beginning to set over the Sea of Galilee. Seeing how tired his disciples were, Jesus said, “Let’s get in a boat and go over to the other side of the lake.” It would be good for all of them to get away from the crowds for a while.The disciples rowed away from the shore while Jesus went to the front of the boat and lay down on a cushion. The waves lapped gently against the side of the
boat, lulling Jesus into a peaceful sleep.But suddenly a wind began to blow dark clouds across the sky. The waves weren’t so gentle anymore. The little boat began to pitch and rock.

The disciples began to get a little worried. But Jesus still lay sleeping in the front of the boat.Then the wind grew stronger still. The spray from the waves got the disciples all wet. This was getting to be a bad storm! But Jesus still lay sleeping in the front of the boat.By the time the fishing boat reached the center of the lake, the wind had turned into an angry gale that whipped the waves so high they washed right over the boat. The
disciples were terrified. They thought they might drown. But Jesus still lay sleeping in the front of the boat.

Finally, someone went and shook Jesus. “Master,” he cried, “don’t you care if we drown?” Jesus looked around. He listened to the howling wind. He felt the cold, stinging spray as waves crashed over the little boat. He saw the fear in the faces of his disciples. Then Jesus stood, stretched out his arms to the wind and the waves, and commanded: “Peace! Be still!” And all at once the wind died down and the waves became completely calm. Then he asked the disciples: “Why are you so afraid? Where is your faith?”

Jesus showed his power over the wind and the waves that day on the Sea of Galilee. Just as he cared for his
disciples in that little storm-tossed boat, he will care for you.

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