Jesus Calms the Sea


Use this Sunday school lesson to help children experience how Jesus calmed the sea.

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Say: Today we’re going to listen to a really scary story about what happened to Jesus’ disciples. And you’re going to help me tell it.

Practice each of these cues and responses with the class:

  • Whenever I say “boat” everyone say “creeeak” and pretend you’re pulling hard on the oars
  • Whenever I say “disciples,” all the boys (and men) count to 12 really fast 
  • Whenever I say “wind,” the girls (and women) cup their hands around their mouths and blow.
  • Whenever I say “waves,” put your hands side by side and make waves in front of you.
  • Whenever I say “Jesus,” point to upward and say, “Christ, the Lord.”

As you tell the Jesus Calms the Sea story (Click here for the story), be sure to put an emphasis on each of the bold
words; then pause for kids to respond.

Say: Here we go! Everybody stick together so you don’t get too scared.

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Read the story. After you finish, have kids give themselves a round of applause for helping you tell the story. Then ask:

  • What happened that made the disciples feel unsafe? (Their boat got in a bad storm; they were afraid
    of drowning.)
  • What did they do to get help? (They woke Jesus up.)
  • What did Jesus do to make things okay again? (He told the wind and the waves to be still.)
  • How could he do that? (He’s God’s son–he can do anything.)
  • Can Jesus help us the way he helped the disciples in the storm? Why or why not? (Yes, Jesus can still do anything; no, he doesn’t work that way now.)
  • Can Jesus help us even though we can’t see him or touch him? Why or why not? (Yes, he’s always with us; no, sometimes we don’t ask him.)

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    So looking forward to doing this with my class of 6 boys tomorrow. Thank you, I’m sure it’s going to be memorable.

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