Jesus and Me


1. What Is a Friend?-Give the children
markers and paper. Have them each draw a picture of their best
friend. Have children each show their picture to one another and
tell why this person is their best friend.

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2. Bible Friends-Form groups of six. Lay
a beach towel on the floor. Have groups take turns doing the
following: Have one of the children in the group lie on the towel.
Have the other group members try to pick up that child. Don’t allow
children to lift the child more than 6 inches off the floor. Allow
each group to take its turn.

Then ask: Was it hard to lift the children off the floor? Why or
why not? What would you think if I asked you to carry this person
downtown to the doctor?

Say: In the Bible, there are some friends who carried their sick
friend to Jesus. Let’s read about it.

Read aloud Luke 5:17-26. Then ask: How did this man’s
friends show they loved him? How did Jesus show this man that he
loved him?

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Say: Jesus was a friend to this man because he helped him get well.
How has Jesus been a friend to you? How has he helped you?

3. Caring Hearts-Give children red
construction paper, medium-size heart patterns, markers and
scissors. Have children each trace and cut out three to five hearts
and write their name on each heart.

Spread a beach towel on the floor, and have the children place
their hearts on the towel. Have the children hold the edges of the
towel. Then have the children move the towel up and down to make
the hearts bounce. Encourage children not to let any of the hearts
fall to the ground.

Afterward, say: We are careful with these hearts; we don’t want any
of them to fall. In the same way, Jesus is careful with our hearts.
He loves us, and he takes care of us.

4. Ring of Hearts-Staple a 2-inch-wide
strip of red construction paper around each child’s head. Have kids
find their hearts from activity 3. Have them write on their hearts
sayings such as “Jesus loves me” or “Jesus is my friend.” Help the
children staple their hearts to their paper rings to make crowns.
Allow the children to wear their crowns.

5. Loving Hearts-Serve heart-shape sugar
cookies. Provide red icing and plastic knives for the children to
decorate their cookies. As children eat their cookies, review how
Jesus is their true friend who really cares for them.

Lead children in singing “Jesus Loves Me” and close in

Janel Kauffman is a teacher in a Christian school in Fort
Lauderdale, Florida.

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