Easter Jelly Bean Walk


Play this musical Easter Jelly Bean Walk with colored jelly beans to remind kids of the Easter message.

Easter gameThe Stuff: Large, cut-out jelly bean shapes inthe following colors: red, green, yellow, orange, blue, white, purple, and pink. You’ll also need a music, individual bags of jelly beans with the same colors as above, and printouts of the color key below.

Experience It: Place colored jelly bean shapes in a large circle on the floor, one for every child in your group, minus one. Play the game like a cake walk: Kids walk on the bean shapes until the music stops and one child is out. Continue to take away a jelly bean every round until one person is left. Afterward, give each child a bag of jellybeans that includes all the colors from the game, along with this key to remind kids that even Easter candy can help them remember the true meaning of Easter.

Red = The blood Jesus gave

Green = The grass he made

Yellow = The sun so bright

Orange = The edge of night

Blue = The sins we made

White = The grace Jesus gave

Purple = The hour of Jesus’ sorrow

Pink = The hope in our new tomorrow

Easter Jelly Bean Walk
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