Jelly Bean Joy



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Jelly beans come in all the right colors to tell the gospel of
God’s love. Use this Jelly Bean Gospel Poem with any of the ideas

Orange is for the sins we’ve done,

Red is for the blood of God’s only son,

White is for the grace he gives,

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Green is for new life in him,

Yellow is for your place in heaven,

Invite Jesus into your life and be truly forgiven.
Dear Jesus, thank you for loving me even though I’ve sinned. Thank
you for dying on the cross in my place. I’m sorry for my sins and
want you to be my Lord and Savior today. Amen.

Jelly Bean Basket Cupcakes — Frost cupcakes
with white icing. Sprinkle with green sugar sprinkles or green
coconut. Put one of each color jelly bean mentioned on each
cupcake. Make an arch with a chenille stem, and insert it into each
cupcake to form a basket handle. Make a bow out of a piece of
ribbon at the center of each handle. Read the Jelly Bean gospel
Poem as you serve this snack.

Jelly Bean Eggs — Fill plastic eggs with all
the mentioned jelly bean colors. Hide the eggs, then have children
find them. Read the Jelly Bean Gospel Poem at the end of the hunt
as each child enjoys the contents of one egg. Then give each child
an egg filled with two of each jelly bean color to share the story
with a friend who might not know Jesus.

Jelly Bean Sticks — Have kids wash up and then
skewer the different color jelly beans on toothpicks to give to
adults after your Easter service.

Jelly Bean Outreach — Because Easter is such a
great opportunity to reach people who may not normally come to
church, put copies of the Jelly Bean Gospel Poem in plastic eggs
with the jelly beans. Give the eggs to worshipers as they leave
your building.

Susan Grover San Juan Capistrano, California



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