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An engaging object lesson that will teach your
children’s ministry kids the importance of accepting

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Theme: Unity in Christ
Text: Romans 15:5-7
Preparation: For each group you’ll need vegetable
oil, dark-colored vinegar, Dawn dishwashing detergent, a
tablespoon, and a small jar with a lid.

The Message: (Form groups of four. Have one
child in each group pour a small amount of oil into the jar.)
Sometimes we’re like the oil in this jar. Pour more oil in and it
mixes just fine. (Have a second child from each group add more oil,
replace the lid, and shake the jar.) Add a little vinegar and look
what happens. (Have a third child from each group add a tablespoon
of vinegar to the jar, replace the lid, and shake. The oil and
vinegar don’t mix.)

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What happened to the mixture in the jar? When we meet someone
different from us, we might think, “This person is just too
different. How can we get along?” If we don’t accept people, we’ll
never mix — or get along.

Let’s add a few drops of dishwashing soap and see what happens.
(Have a fourth child from each group add soap, replace the lid, and
shake. The oil and vinegar mix.)

Talk to the kids in your group about what happened. What made
the difference? (Read the Scripture.) How is Jesus like the
dishwashing soap? How does Jesus make the difference in helping us
accept others?

Who's Great?

Let’s pray. Jesus, thank you for accepting us. Help us accept
others. In Jesus, name, Amen.

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